Acetylated distarch リン酸ため E1414 風味醤油、醤油粉末、出汁、など。

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Shandong Fuyang Bio-Tech. Co., Ltd.

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港: Qingdao
支払い条件: L/C,T/T
供給力: 100000 メートルトンかメートルトン / Year
形態: 粉末
製品タイプ: 澱粉
原産地: Shandong 中国
製品名: Acetylated distarch リン酸 E1414
包装: 袋,ジャンボバッグ
重量(kg): 25
原料: トウモロコシ、もちトウモロコシタピオカ
貯蔵寿命: 24 ヶ月
色: 白色粉末
Cas: 68130-14-3
グレード: 食品前衛
モデル番号: FY-ADSP
澱粉のタイプ: トウモロコシ澱粉
銘柄: 阜陽
認証: ISO,ユダヤ,QS,ハラール
包装の詳細: 袋あたり 25kgs 、 20MT で 20FCL なしパレット、または 850kgs 袋あたり、 17MT で 20FCL とパレット

Introduction of Acetylated Distarch Phosphate E1414


Source: Corn, waxy corn, tapioca

Appearance: White powder

Character: Odorless and tasteless

CAS NO.: 68130-14-3



Main function

Thickening agent, stabilizer, coagulating agent, water-retaining agent, etc.



1.    It has good swelling power and transparency

2.    It has good freeze-thawing stability, which is suitable for products that need to be frozen storage, used after thawing or repeatedly frozen thawing

3.    It has good high temperature resistance, and can maintain high viscosity when cooking at high temperature for a long time. It is suitable for heating products at high temperature

4.    It has a good acid resistance. Above pH 3, the product will not dilute, not drainage, not reduce the viscosity after long-term storing, still has a good water retention and viscosity, which can meet the processing requirements

5.    It has good shear resistance, and can meet the requirements of foods which need high speed shear, mean value or through the colloidal mill in production

6.    It has a good water retention performance, can absorb water to a greater extent, can meet the requirements of the product which need good water retention performance

7.    It has the good elasticity, can satisfy some products which need good elasticity

8.    It has good brittleness, which can meet the requirements of some sausage and fried food for brittleness



1.    Condiments: flavor sauce, flavor sauce powder, soup stock, soup base powder

2.    Milk products: yogurt, yogurt products, foods containing milk

3.    Sauce: tomato sauce, mayonnaise, fruit jam, fruit pie, fruit cake filling

4.    Meat products: Luncheon meat, ham sausage, sausage, meat ball, fish ball, minced meat, minced fish, fish tofu, shrimp stick, crab stick, etc.

5.    Canned food: canned meat, canned fish, canned vegetable, canned corn, canned beans, etc.

6.    Filling: mooncake filling, bean paste filling, etc.

7.    Baked food

8.    Frozen food: ice cream, popsicles, cold drinks, beverages

9.    Fried food





25kg/plastic woven bag, 20tons/20ft container

850kg/jumbo bag, 17tons/20ft container with pallet



Company Introduction

Company Introduction


Shandong Fuyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is leading company in corn deep-processing, which oriented of bio-fermentation. We produce Corn Starch – 700,000.00tons per year; Modified Starch – 100,000tons per year; Sodium Gluconate – 200,000tons per year. Now company is honored with ISO22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP, Kosher, Halal certificates, Non-GMO test, IP certificate, etc.  




Main Products


Corn Starch                       700, 000tons/year


Food grade, tech grade

Modified Corn Starch        100,000tons/year





Oxidized Starch

Catinoic Starch

Acid Modified Starch

Hydroxypropyl Distarch Phosphate

Cross-linked starch, etc.















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