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最高の一般的な電気 MWF/MWFP 冷蔵庫水フィルター/水フィルター mwf

500-1999 ピース
>=2000 ピース
500 ピース

Shenzhen Dakon Purification Tech Co., Ltd.

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有料会員期間:4年 ゴールドサプライヤー オンサイトチェック トレードアシュアランス


タイプ: 活動化させたカーボン
使用: 冷蔵庫の水フィルター
認証: セリウム,RoHS
電力 (W): 0
電圧 (V): 0
原産地: Guangdong 中国
銘柄: OEM
モデル番号: MWF 冷蔵庫の水フィルター
製品名: GE MWF 冷蔵庫の水フィルター
認証: NSF 42 標準
機能: 細菌を除去し、塩素、土砂など
材料: PP シェル & ヤシ殻活性炭ブロック
を提供する時間: 300 ガロンまたは 6 月
流量: 0.8 ガロン/分
使用: 水製氷機
サイズ: 5 1/4 インチ (長さ) × 3 1/2 インチ (直径)
ミクロンレート: 0.5 ミクロン
インストール: 簡単なインストール、迅速なクリーニング
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 42X42X39 cm
シングル総重量: 0.25 KG
パッケージタイプ: Best General Electric MWF/MWFP Refrigerator Water Filter/water filter mwf in color box

Best General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter Accessories Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge fits MWF3PK/MWFA/MWFAP water filter refrigerator /household refrigerator filter cartirdge replacment





Refrigerator water filter compatible with:




Refrigerator water filter Specifications:

Filter Type: Activated Carbon Block  

Removes chlorine, taste and odor; Does not remove beneficial minerals; 

Filter Life: 6 months or 300 gallons (whichever comes first)

Flow Rate: 0.8 gallons/Min

Operating Pressure: 20-120psi  

Operating Temperature: 34-100 degrees  Fahrenheit 

Micron Rating: 0.5 microns

Actual Size:  5 1/4 inches(length)x 3 1/2 inches (diameter)




For the highest quality water and ice, your refrigerator's water filter needs to be changed over a period of time as its effectiveness at cleaning the water is reduced. For optimal results, you should replace this refrigerator water filter every 6 months to ensure clean, safe drinking water and ice.


Your refrigerator will even remind you when to change its filter, turning on an indicator light found near the water dispenser. Changing the filter is easy--just locate the old filter, twist and turn it until it becomes loose, then pull the old filter out and replace with the new filter.


Make sure the water and ice from your refrigerator is as clean and fresh tasting as possible by replacing its water filter. 


- Our premium coconut carbon block filters ensure highly-efficient filtration performance with the micro-porous structure and multi-effect filtration technology.

- The outstanding filters can effectively reduce chlorine, taste and odor and other impurities in your water with highly adsorptive capacity.

- Optimal Performance for 6 months or 350 gallons, whichever comes first will vary with different water conditions.







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Shipping & Packaging:

200 workers, 10 years experience , ISO, CE,NSF certificated, one hour reach Shenzhen port, this is how we keep good quality and reliable cooperation for global valued customers.


500 /1000 pcs in a wooden pallet




Our service:

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With strong R&D team to design multi-functional and high-technical products and to support our outstanding OEM/ODM with creative and innovative solutions to performance the highest quality of product design, and efficiency of production.


We are highly dedicated to excellent customer service/satisfaction and good quality products 

Please feel free to contact us and we would be at your service with great honor!



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Compatible Premium GE MWF Smart water Accessories Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter Cartridge fits MWF3PK/MWFA/MWFAP


Q1: What's your MOQ(minimum order quantity)?   

MOQ: 50pcs if you use neutral package.

At least 500 pcs if you want to OEM.


Q2: What’s OEM?

Original equipment manufactory, you could use your own brand name and we will produce for you, which is your private brand products, you have the copyright of products quality, pattern and printed.


Q3: What is your delivery date?

About 12-22 days once we received deposit.


Q4: What's your payment terms?

T/T or Paypal (or other way) 30% in advance, balance before delivery.


Q5: Can I have sample to test quality?

Definitely no problem. 



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