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ベストセラー hepa フィルター布エアーフィルターのろ過

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Air Permeability: 400
適用産業: 製造工場,機械修理店,食品 & 飲料工場,エネルギー & 鉱業
原産地: 中国
材料: PE/pp
Color: White
Feature: Good acid and alkaline resistance
sample: free
を保証期間後にサービス: オンラインサポート
タイプ: 編まれたフィルター
Thickness: 0.55mm
ショールーム場所: なし
material: pp
Product name: Best selling hepa filter cloth for air filter filtration
使用法: Liquid Filter
保証: 利用できない
ローカルサービス場所: なし
条件: 新しい
Weave: Plain
Application: Industry
銘柄: HT
Certificate: ISO9001:2008
包装の詳細: weave bags or customized
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 35X30X10 cm
シングル総重量: 1.0 KG
Zhejiang Tiantai Huayu Industrial Cloth Co., Ltd.
Gold Supplier
メーカー, 貿易会社
US$ 80,000+
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Product Description

Item Name:

Best selling hepa filter cloth for air filter filtration

high dimensional stablility
good abrasion resistance
clogging prevention
smooth surface
excellent cake release


plate & frame filter press
vacuum pan filter
belt filter
leaf filter,
rotary drum vacuum filter

Filter press cloth is widely used in various industries.
1)Filter the oil to make new energy, refinery plant.
2)Filter the saline saltworks
3)To fit the air-condition.
4)To fit the paint plant
Are widely used in chemical, metallurgical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining, coal, ceramics, environmental protection and other fields, is suitable for all sorts of model such as plate and frame, box, diaphragm filter press


Double-layers filter press cloth .

Properties filter cloth:

Anti Acid,

Anti Akalic,

Oxygenation resistant

High tensile strength,

Moisture resistant,

Suite high temperature working conditions

 Sample is the key to customized made! You may tell us the size ,the material,the syesterm dimension,But the best is your sample.

plate & frame filter press.


•Chemicals Industry: plastics industry,dry,paints,packing,tonner,etc

•Minerals industry:cement industry,coal mill,dryer system

•Metals industry: iron and steel industry,coal-fired power,etc

•Power generation and incineration: ferroalloy,Coal-fires power boilers,incinerator etc


Filter Press

Our filter fabric have been designed to cope with the specific conditions in the filter press. The fabrication techniques and choice of fabrics are tuned to the requirements of different sludges, products and industries. 

Filter Press & Centrifuges

Cake release, ease-of-learning, life-time, particle retention and service costs are just a few requirments to be taken into account. We have extensive experience in virtually every filter press application.

Company Profile

Huayu Leading products:

-Model Van vertical frame filter cloth and bag 

-Belt filter cloth and bag 

-Pulse filter dust and other high temperature needle felt dust bag

-Provide professional accessories ,cloth or bag selection and other professional services

Company info

Our Advantage:

1. strong quality control manage of the filter cloth and filter bag making

2. stable and trained service team

3. more than 20 years experiences in researching&producing filter media

4. Long life time of products and good after-sales service


1. How to choose the right filter cloth for your company?
Cause every filter has its own characteristics and parameters, so when we choose filter material for filter cloth , we have to know the following parameters:

(1) Working enviroment

temperature ( Continuous / Peak)

filtering ingredient

(2) Measurement and design (need the drawing)

(3) Material (or we offer the solution).

2. How to assure the filter cloth quality?

All the products we produce are strictly based on international standards. Before the production, you will receive a sample from us for your confirmation.

3.How many times can I clean and reuse a filter cloth?

Filter cloth are designed for one time use. We supply high quality cloth to increase the service time of the filter bag.

4.Sample rule
Usually, we offer the sample free, but you should pay the freight.

Contact info

Zhejiang Tiantai Huayu Industrial Cloth Co.,ltd.

Bessie Xi
Mp/wechat :+86 138 5861 4628
msn: hicy(@)
SKYPE: hicy2007