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Dining Chair Room Furniture - Teak Modern Luxury Oem Customized Wood Time


港: Semarang Port
支払い条件: L/C,T/T
供給力: 2500 pcs / Month
Primary Material: Teak Wood
原産地: Propinsi Jawa Tengah インドネシア
Size: 50W x 52D x 90H CM
デザインスタイル: 現代
メール: N
出現: 現代
タイプ: 食堂の家具
CBM: 0.2711
アプリケーション: キッチン,ホームオフィス,リビングルーム,ダイニング,屋外,ホテル,Villia,アパート,外装
特定の使用: 椅子の食事
Colors: Light Brown
全般的な用途: 屋内用家具、インテリア
モデル番号: IDC 0126
Style: Fixed
折られる: なし
Finishing: Fine Sanded
木製様式: 純木
包装の詳細: Single wrapp paper - Standard export packing & Custom Labels Packaging
パッケージプレビュー: https://sc04.alicdn.com/kf/H5e5e395c69fc4b0e88a018713f7a844ar.jpg_640x640.jpg,https://sc04.alicdn.com/kf/H97170377708943a382da4662a1429d4cB.jpg_640x640.jpg
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√ Dining Chair Room Furniture - Teak Modern Luxury Oem Customized Wood Time


You’ll love the stunning design of our teak wood. This chair comes crafted with premium teak with timeless design.

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Packaging & Shipping

 Single wrapp paper - Standard export packing & Custom Labels Packaging



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Company Information


We are well established furniture manufacture from Indonesia since 1999. Segoro Mas Solo - We are in house production based with machinery wood joining system.


Avetopia is the showcase brand of Segoromas. Segoromas is a furniture manufacturer and exporter which is focused on wooden products. Our specialty is indoor furniture mainly made of teak wood material. We have been in the business industry for the last 20 years. Our company provides indoor and outdoor furniture for any distribution channel and several projects. We deliver our products to many countries in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia.


We use kiln-dried teak wood as our primary materials. Our products are made of certified teak from sustainably harvested teak plantations. We carefully check our products’ quality at every production stage to ensure our clients get the best construction, materials, craftsmanship, and become a market leader in their segment.


Segoromas accepts custom order with various designs and specifications as requested by our clients. We can also make sample for you to check our product quality. Our production capacity is 25 x 40 ft container per month.



Segoro Mas Solo (5).jpgSegoro Mas Solo (1).jpgSegoro Mas Solo (2).jpgSegoro Mas Solo (3).jpgSegoro Mas Solo (4).jpg





Why Segoro Mas use solid teak?

The Teak Tree, or Tectona, is one of the tropical hardwood birches, included in the family Verbenaceae. Its longevity is very significant, the Teak tree often living to the age of 100 years. The Teak tree resin typically has an oil in its Galih (Cambium/heartwood) that is highly water-resistant.


This content itself can protect the teak from decay, insects, and bacteria. At the same time, the combination of unique Teak tree content and thick fibers make it easier to cut and then sculpt into pleasing forms. This unique characteristic cannot be found in other trees, that's why there has always been interest in using Teak wood for various types of furniture. Moreover, Indonesian teak is considered as one of the best woods in the world.


What are your furniture product range?

We manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture made of teak wood as the primary material. We use teak cause it is weather resistant. The unique feature of teak wood for outdoor furniture is the ability to withstand all types of weather. We also combine with synthetic/plastic rattan, aluminium, stainless steel, wrought iron, cushion, and batyline sling.


I'm planning a trip to Indonesia soon, how can l get to your factory?
Please get direction from the website for the route from your country. Then we will arrange accommodation to pick you up at the nearest airport or your hotel and accompany you to our factory.

We are delighted that you have chosen to visit our company and look forward to having you here. Please let us know when you wish to attend so that we might make arrangements for you to ensure your time and effort are spent effectively in Surakarta City ( Our Factory City).




How is your furniture constructed?

Our furniture construction can be fixed or knockdown, but our standardization process is the same. We use tenon mortise construction on the joint of wood. Then, for the lamination system, we use filling and dowel screws. For drawers, we use dovetail double-face construction.

What is your packing system?

Our FOB price has included packing materials. We use a single corrugated carton or carton box and foam sheet to wrap the furniture. Stickers or labels indicating the country of origin and product specifications (code, description, material, color, etc.) are sealed on the packaging.

Do you use any chemicals on the material to absorb humidity ?

Yes, we always fumigate the container and put absorber bags inside the container as well as silica gels inside the packed goods.

Can you send me a furniture sample?
We will be happy to send you our furniture sample from our regular collection. Your side will absorb the price of products and freight costs.


Can I order for spare parts?

Please send us your spare part needed, we will arrange the delivery to your address, as long as it's still in guarantee time, we will send it free, but if it was out of guarantee time, you need to pay some cost.


Custom Designs


How do you make your custom furniture?

Design your custom furniture, built precisely to suit your style, space, and lifestyle needs. To do it, you’ll need to examine your form and determine how best to express that style.
Please send us the sample, sketch, or picture with the detailed measurement and the material of your product. Then we will re-draw your custom furniture based on the size and specifications to give you details calculation before we quote you our price.


Certification and Guarantee


Do you deal with plantation trees under the government's forestry management?

We never use non-plantation timber or any sources which not environmentally sustainable. Our product also SVLK certified, meaning it is made from sustainability harvested wood. This certification helps to ensure our forest will be around for generations to come, enabling them to continue providing their vital services to us and the planet. We have been in the SVLK Certificate (VLEG) that was issued by the Indonesia government.


Do you guarantee all of your products?

We are committed to providing you with an excellent customer experience. We stand behind the furniture we sell. This warranty is guaranteed provided the products are subject to normal wear and tear, are used for their original purpose, and are not modified in any way. Some materials such as wood and veneer are natural, and variations are characteristic. Natural materials are also subject to color changes due to the environment or sunlight. These normal variations are not covered under our warranty. If you receive a damaged piece, we will replace it in your next container as long as it is a manufacturing fault. We will also refund you a 100% money-back guarantee.


Do you provide shipping insurance?

Yes, we offer the insurance to the customer with an additional cost but depend on customer approval because sometime buyer have a deal with a particular insurance company.


Furniture Maintenance


How do l maintain my furniture?

Every piece of teak is unique and it needs a special treatment. After the wood's drying process, all wood continues to undergo a "breathing" process. As the part of the natural expansion and contraction, the wood may feel slightly rough because its grain has expanded, but this can be sanded out using light sandpaper (150 grit), or left to smooth out naturally. If you put the teak outdoors, teak will gracefully turn into silver to harmonize with its surroundings. Sunlight oxidizes the natural oils in teak wood, which turn the surface to a silvery grey color. The teak may initially weather unevenly, but it will eventually silver uniformly in about a year, depends on its exposure to the sunlight.


What is weathering?

Your teak furniture will appear polished when initially purchased. The polished appearance comes from oil occurring naturally in the teak wood. The oil on the surface will evaporate after a few days outdoors – it is the oil that remains below the surface that gives the wood its durability. The teak furniture, when it left outdoors, will turn into a beautiful silver-gray. This process will take approximately nine months, depends on the amount of sunlight and rain exposure. The result is furniture with a timeless appeal. During the weathering process, a slight "checking" or lifting of the grain may occur on the top edges of the arms and legs. You may even see a few small cracks. This thing is perfectly natural, as wood expanded when it left outdoors.

How to do a regular maintenance?

Unfinished teak is very simple to maintain, but regular cleaning is crucial every 6 to 12 months. The oils in teak wood can cause the product to turn black due to mild and mildew feeding upon the oil. If you want to clean it, scrub with the rough side down of a Blue Scotch Brite No Scratch Sponge and a cleaner (such as Simple Green Cleaner or Dawn Dish Washing Detergent) and also water. You can remove tough stains using diluted Clorox Bleach mixture with water in a 1:2 mix. Teak furniture should only be covered by material that is breathable and specific for covering teak wood furniture.


Please explain more about Teak Cleaners

Teak cleaners generally come in one-part or two-part formulas. One-part cleaners usually use a mild chemical to clean the wood. Two-part cleaners typically consist of firstly an acid, then a neutralizer. Due to the chemical content of any teak cleaner, ensure that care is taken to protect yourself and your environment. It is not good to repeat this process too often, as it will eventually leave the wood feels rough, due to teak cleaners opening up of the pores of the wood to "flush" out the weathered layer. Follow the directions to maintain your products


Should I apply teak oil?

Yes, you need once a month to apply teak oil just to maintain the furniture, which is a colored finish.