Epileds チップ紫外線ダイオード 1 ワット 2 ワット 3 ワットハイパワー 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm uv led

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Shenzhen Yuan Ming Technology Co., Ltd.

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港: shenzhen
支払い条件: Alibaba
供給力: 100000 pcs / Month
チップブランド: Epileds/LG
破片材料: InGaN
原産地: Guangdong 中国
製品名: 1-3 ワット紫外線 LED チップ
保管温度(℃): -40-80
色を出すこと: UV
タイプ: 紫外線LED
電流: 350-700MA
保証: 2 年
視野角(&deg;): 120
色温度: 365/385/395/405NM
力: 3 ワット
演色評価数(RA): 80
チップ構造: 垂直/水平
レンズタイプ: シリコーン
電圧: 3.2-3.6 V
銘柄: YM
実用温度(℃): -40-80
包装の詳細: カートン
Product Description
Product Presentation

Product Name



365/385/395/405NM (Optial)

LED Chip

LG/Epileds (Optial)

Chip Structure

Vertical/Horizontal (Optinal)


2 Years




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Company Introduction
Shenzhen Yuanming Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and operation of high-power + UV LED violet curing light source products, the production of high-power UV LED violet packaging productionPinda has hundreds of species. The power range of products ranges from 0.5W to 10000W. The UV LED purple packaging products produced by Shenzhen Yuanming Science and Technology Co., Ltd. are various, including printing presses, printing press, etc.

We  are UV LED  factory, We can provide the best products, the most suitable price, and customized services. Welcome to your coming.

Q1. Are you a factory?

A. Yes! We are factory in Shenzhen. We have been producing UV LED products for six years.

Q2. Can we customize the product?

A. Yes! We can producing the products according to your requirements.

Q3. What is your main products?

A. UV LED Lamp Bead; UV LED Module; UV LED Single Light.

Q4. Do you have any MOQ limit for led light order?

No! One is also acceptable.

Q5. What is your usual payment terms for orders?

A. Alibaba Trade Assurance Order. Others payment terms also is ok.

Q6. How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

A. It usually takes 3-7 days, depending on the quantity.

More Questiones

Please contact the salesman.
Matters needing attention

Warm tips, in order to make our products play the best performance and reduce customer failure in the use of products, please note:

1) During the whole process of use, all people who are in direct contact with UVLED should take measures to prevent and eliminate static electricity, and do not touch the UV light emitting diode directly with their hands.

2) When welding, attention should be paid to the welding time and temperature, and the positive and negative polarities should be distinguished.

3) Electrical parameters such as current and voltage should not exceed the rated values.


Attention should be paid to welding high-power UV LED:

1) The welding time should not exceed 3S;

2) Welding temperature should be less than 260 degrees Celsius.

3) Reflow welding is allowed only once.

4) When welding, distinguish positive and negative polarity, and avoid lens to avoid damage to lens.

5) Do a good job of heat dissipation measures, especially high-power UVLED as far as possible to ensure adequate radiator area

6) In order to prolong the lifetime of ultraviolet light emitting diodes, it is recommended to use a stable constant current driving power supply or IC instead of a constant voltage driving power supply or IC.

Thank you for your attention :-)