Grease proof food safe printing paper

10000 ピース

Shanghai Sunkea Commodities Co., Ltd.

CN メーカー, 貿易会社
US$ 680,000+
有料会員期間:12年 ゴールドサプライヤー オンサイトチェック トレードアシュアランス


支払い条件: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PAYPAL
供給力: 800000.0 バッグ / Day food safe printing paper
Printing: water based ink Flexo offset glossy embossing
コーティング: 上塗を施してある
原産地: Shanghai 中国
パルプになるタイプ: 機械パルプ
Use: Food Wrapping Paper
Main market: France Germany Spain Italy American China
Color: Black white yellow red blue brown green pink
カスタムオーダー: 受け入れなさい
パルプ材料: わらパルプ
Company brand: custom made
Logo Design: Custom made accepted and customized logo
Cost: cheap and lowest price
コーティングの側面: ダブルサイド
Certification: Societe Generale de Surveillance
コーティング材料: PE
特徴: 防水
多用性がある印刷: レーザー印刷
Product name: food safe printing paper
モデル番号: 295mm x 285mm
ペーパータイプ: オーブンペーパー
Application: restaurant coffee shop cold drink shop diner
銘柄: food safe printing paper
パルプ様式: バージン
包装の詳細: 500pcs/bag x 8bags/ctn = 4000pcs/ctn

Grease proof food safe printing paper


Product Description












Description Model Material Dimensions
Pcs/bag Bags/ctn Pcs/ctn
White Grease
Proof Paper
6/7inch 35gsm+15PE 18.5x18.5 100 50 5000
8/9inch 35gsm+15PE 23x23 100 50 5000
10/12inch 35gsm+15PE 31x31 100 50 5000
11inch 42g Oil Proof 29.5x28.5 200 20 4000
Kraft Grease
Proof Paper
1 45gsm+15PE 18.5*18.5 200 20 4000
2 45gsm+15PE 23*23 200 20 4000
3 45gsm+15PE 29.5*28.5 200 20 4000
4 45gsm+15PE 31*31 200 20 4000
5 45gsm+15PE 38*28 200 25 5000



Disposable, greaseproof;
Designed for use with oval pub-style baskets;
Perfect for burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and fries;


FDA approved dry waxed paper for lining bread and sandwich baskets;
Great for giving homemade bread and sandwiches a professional look;
Decorative and sanitary;

FDA approved dry waxed paper just like you've seen in your favorite burger joint,

now available for your picnics and home entertaining.



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Company Information

SUNKEA is located in Shanghai, China, founded in 2004. We used to focus on producing only paper cups

for coffee and cold drinks, but now we are extending our product ranges.


Now we can produce and supply comprehensive food packaging products, such as folding box, deli box,

lunch box, noodle box, food pail, sandwich wedge pack, salad pack, take-away box, sushi pack, food tray

and so on. We also can produce by your samples or requirement. Custom logo printing is always welcome.


All materials are food grade,such as 100% pure kraft, 100% white paperboard or duplex paper board

(kraft outside and white inside).






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