Hcj 高効率的な変圧器油テスターテスト絶縁空気清浄機アレルギー

$1,000.00 - $8,000.00
1 セット

Chongqing Meiheng Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.

CN メーカー, 貿易会社
有料会員期間:11年 ゴールドサプライヤー オンサイトチェック トレードアシュアランス


港: Chongqing, Shanghai or under your instruction.
支払い条件: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,CAD
供給力: 1000 セット / Year 破壊電圧テスター
原産地: Chongqing 中国
使用法: 自動試験機
モデル番号: Hcj シリーズ
力: electronic
銘柄: Meiheng
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High Efficient Transformer Oil  Tester for testing insulating oil series

Product Description




HCJ series High Efficient Transformer Oil Breakdown Voltage Tester




Introduction  Breakdown Voltage Tester

HCJ Automatic Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Test Device is designed conforms to GB507-86 insulating oil dielectric strength testing method. It is highly precise inspection, simple operation, small volume, easy digital read and light in weight. It is specially fit for electric power system, oil field, industries and researching enterprises to inspect insulating oil dielectric strength.

HCJ test device is controlled by single-chip microcomputer, with strongly anti-jamming and completely overcomes the disadvantage of easily being broken by high voltage. All the operation is fully automatic, safe, reliable, as well as accurate.


Characteristics  Breakdown Voltage Tester

1. Automatic magnetic stirring, effectively preventing the insecurity factors caused by manual work.

2. By the way of changing data on encoding disk, the operating frequency, working and standing time can be reset as your need easily.

3. The test device has sound signal warning when the oil is breakdown. The sound signal is regular so that the running times can be counted by listening. Otherwise the sound signal can be turned off and changed into light signal.

4. Equipped with a Micro-printer which can print all testing data automatically.

5. Digital display.

6. Voltage adjusting system adopts varying speed method, slowly in voltage increasing and rapidly in voltage decreasing.

7. Various ways of operation.


Technical Parameter  Breakdown Voltage Tester

Power Supply

AC 220V±10%,50Hz±2Hz

Measuring range

AC 0-100KV

Limitative current


Voltage aberration


Output voltage


Speed of pressure regulation


Measurement accuracy


Preset range

Operation frequency

0~9 times

Stirring time


Stationary time


Use condition

Environment Temperature




Overall Diameter


Net Weight

28 kg

Above specification is the standard specification of MEIHENG brand HCJ Automatic Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Test Device.




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