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Hypobaric storage for fresh produce

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保証のコアコンポーネント: 1 年
キーセールスポイント: 高生産性
真空ポンプ: Oerlikon/leybold
温度: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
パネル厚さ: 200 ミリメートル
コアコンポーネント: Plc,ポンプ
ショールーム場所: なし
力(W): 7.8kw
真空チャンバー: 20m3
ローカルサービス場所: なし
ディメンション (l * w * h): 8100*3100*2900mm
ビデオ発信の検査: 提供
電圧: カスタマイズ,カスタマイズ
次元(L*W*H): 8100*3100*2900mm
適用産業: 製造工場,食品 & 飲料工場,農場,レストラン,食品ショップ,食品 & 飲料ショップ
電源: 7.8kw
機械テストレポート: 提供
データ型: 中国でのみ男装
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ビジネスモード: ターンキー
冷却能力: 5ton
保証: 1 年
条件: 新しい
銘柄: コデコ
素材: Ss304/316
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What is Hypobaric storage?
Hypobaric storage is cold storage technique by which reduces atmospheric pressure to keep fresh for fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat, seafoods and all perishable food. it is a new development of storage and preservation technology.

Working principle
Put the goods into a sealed and cooled chamber, pump air with vacuum pump, and make it lower absolute pressure. The pressure level should be determined according to the characteristics of the goods and the storage temperature. When the required low pressure is reached, the fresh air keeps passing through the pressure regulator and humidifier,then enters the chamber with an approximately saturated temperature. The vacuum pump constantly works, and the goods will be kept fresh with moist, low-pressure, low-oxygen air. Normally set ventilation four times per hour can remove from ethylene, carbon dioxide, acetaldehyde, ethanol and other unfavorable factors which caused by field heat, breath heat and metabolism,keep the goods dormant for long time.
This way can solve the problems of weight loss and wilting of storage goods, and not only the moisture of the objects is preserved, but also reduce consumption of the vitamins, organic acids, chlorophyll and other nutrients.the hypobaric storage period is three times at least longer than the general cold storage,and the shelf life of the warehouse will be significantly increased as well.


1.Prolong storage period 2 to 9 times
This technology can make fruits and vegetables long-term storage and preservation, can solve the seasonal production of fruits and vegetables and the annual supply, regional production and cross-regional consumption between the contradictions, in order to adjust the season of food supply, military supplies, civilian provides material security.

2.Can promote the spread of volatile gases within the fruit and vegetable
Hypobaric storage technology can promote the spread of volatile gases within fruits and vegetables, which is significantly better than normal cold storage and CA storage. hypobaric processing can maximize the diffusion acceleration of ethylene and other volatile products such as acetaldehyde, ethanol, alpha faactene, which can reduce the aging and physiological diseases caused by these substances .


3.Inhibit bacterial growth and kill insects
Hypobaric storage can basically inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, especially mold, and completely destroy the insect adult, pupa, larva, and egg on the surface and core of the storage material.In the industrial Hypobaric storage, the application of ozone in atmospheric pressure and hypobaric twice sterilization, eliminate residue, is considered to be the ideal measure today. The use of ozone in the hypobaric state can be applied to the microbial and internal pesticide residues in the subcortical area to achieve the purpose of thorough disinfection. The method is simple, inexpensive and effective.


4.Instock&outstock anytime
Hypobaric storage operation is flexible, easy to use,easy to achieve the required wet temperature, gas concentration, so the products can be in and out of storage at any time,and be able to avoid vulnerable influence of high in&out consequences operations for normal cold storage and CA storage.


5.Mixed Storage for variety fresh produce.
Due to the multi-ventilation of hypobaric storage,air spread fast, all kind of products stack in the storage chamber intensively, it can still maintain a uniform temperature, humidity and gas composition, so the storage capacity is big,meanwhile hypobaric storage can help products to emit products the harmful substances from the products as soon as possible,and to prevent the aging promotion between products mutually,variety products can be placed in a storage chamber without taint odor, Such as peaches and green asparagus, meat, fish, shrimp and strawberries, soy products can be placed in a vacuum chamber without taint odor,can improve the comprehensive utilization coefficient of hypobaric storage.


6.It has the advantages of "three quick"
Hypobaric storage has the advantages of quickly hypobaric cooling, quickly oxygen reduction and quickly harmful gas component removal. In the hypobaric condition, the field heat and respiration heat of fruit and vegetable are discharged with the operation of vacuum pump to realize the quick cooling.Due to under the vacuum conditions, the Partial Pressures of various components of gas in the air reduce rapidly, so the oxygen partial pressure decreases rapidly, which overcomes the inadequacy of Oxygen-consumed in CA storage. At the same time,it forms pressure difference between inside and outside of fruits and vegetables by hypobaric,With this pressure difference as the power,the gas components in the fruit and vegetable tissue spread outward,to avoid the harmful effects of harmful gases on fruits and vegetables,delay the aging of the fruits and vegetables.


7.Other advantages
-Won't cause hypoxia injury for foods
-Extend shelf life
-Minimum water loss rate
-The relative humidity of the storage room can be maintained close to saturation
-Economy, energy conservation, easy to operate
-Market trend in cold chain industry.


Type of Hypobaric Storage:
Hypobaric storage technology has two types of intermittent pumping and continuous pumping. The technology core of intermittent pumping is "low pressure", continuous pumping is "low pressure + high humidity + ventilation." Accompanied by the appropriate low temperature is hypobaric refrigeration, but the temperature of two mode is above 0 ℃.The working pressure of intermittent pumping type is generally not less than 10,000Pa, otherwise it may occur hypoxia injury.The work pressure of countinuous pumping is lower than 2500Pa,it won't occur hypoxia injury even the pressure of some fresh produces is lower than 500Pa,it will be conducive to inhibit the proliferation of mold and insecticide if the pressure is lower than 2500Pa, the lower the pressure, the better effect, but if the pressure is too low may also occur hypoxia injury. moreover, due to the type difference of fresh produce,it doesn't mean the lower the pressure will bring the better effect.Our hypobaric storage technology is more advanced continuous pumping.we are one of the only two manufactures in the world which acquire the key technology.


It can be stored fresh vegetables, fruits,mushrooms, fresh cut flowers, fresh cut strips, pork, beef, poultry, fish and shrimp, cooked food, also can be used for killing insects.
Whatever long-term or short-term processing by hypobaric storage, we recommend the working pressure of our hypobaric storage are: fresh vegetables, fruits, cut flowers should be set to 1500Pa, fresh meat, poultry and seafood products should be set to 600Pa.
The atmospheric pressure in the standard environment is 101,325Pa. The ambient atmospheric pressure is related to the sea level, temperature, relative humidity. 0.1 MPa = 100,000 Pa ≈ 760 mm Hg ≈ 1013 mbar