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Large Tanzanite Rings 925 Sterling Silver Natural Stone CZ Rings


支払い条件: T/T
供給力: 2500 pcs / Week
ジュエリーの種類: リング
アイテム: 女性ジュエリーリング
宝石類の本管材料: シルバー
原産地: Rajasthan インド
製品名: ジュエリー
材料: 925 スリヴァー
物質的なタイプ: 925純銀製
性: 女性のもの
リングはタイプする: ジェムストーンリングス
宝石類のタイプ: リング
タイプ: ファッショナブルなゴールドメッキリング
スタイル: 人気
石: Aaa キュービックジルコニア
設定のタイプ: 熊手の設定
主要な石: ジルコン
機会: 記念,約束,ギフト,パーティー,結婚式
モデル番号: 2717
キーワード: 925 販売スターリングシルバーリング
銘柄: SANZ
Gold Supplier
メーカー, 貿易会社, ディストリビュータ/卸売り
Product Description

Metal = 925 Silver


Gross Weight = 4.45 gms


Center/Color Stone = 11X9 mm Oval Shape (1 pcs Blue Tanzanite Color CZ) 


Side Stones = 1.7 mm Round (20 pcs) + 1.3 mm Round (20 pcs)


Same design is possible in any purity of Gold with any precious and semi-precious gemstones.


Plating = Rhodium 


Stamp = 925


Company Information
Our parent company is Ganpati Jewels and Crafts. We are manufacturer of Gold & Silver Jewelry based at Jaipur city in India.
We are situated in only Special Economic Zone in India which is located in Jaipur city. In this facility we can import and after doing jewelry work we can export easily where no custom duty is imposed (if import is done for the purpose of re-export).
For example: if any buyer send us Gemstones (any kind), diamonds, metals like (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium) and we make or use sent items to make any jewelry then there would not be any custom duty (as according to SEZ’s limitations we have to export same item which we import using to make some kind of jewelry).

We, SANZ Creations as designer company have earned an excellent reputation for the efficacy and reliability of our products. The reasons for success are obvious. The company has successfully blended modern scientific knowledge and techniques, advanced management tools and information technology to create the most appropriate, result & time bounded products at affordable costs.

Our common goal is to provide quality goods to our clients. Hence we have a highly qualified team of professionals-all trained and highly skilled whose continuous endeavor is to deliver quality goods on time.

Philosophy: SANZ aim has been to promote the rich knowledge and assets from the treasure trove of Indian heritage.

Products: We are specialized in Diamond Jewelry, Gold & Silver Jewelry with or without Gemstones. We make items like daily wear rings, heart rings, solitaire rings, three stone rings, flower rings, cluster rings, fashion rings, diamonds with colour stone rings, engagement rings, bridal rings, wedding rings, men's rings, diamond daily wear pendants, diamond heart pendants, solitaire pendants, flower pendants, cluster pendants, three diamond pendants, three stone pendants, cluster pendants, fashion pendants, diamonds with colour stone pendants, diamond religious pendants, Silver ear rings with gemstones, Silver rings with gemstone, Silver pendants with gemstones, Silver rings, ear rings & pendants, Silver sets containing Pendants and Ear rings, GOLD mountings in Silver.

SANZ is other name of CUSTOMIZED Jewellery as we are enabled with CAD-CAM facility in our premises, which really makes us to create any design as per customer’s choice in desired weights.

Quality: We aim at giving you best quality in our entire mentioned product category compared to any leading company in our competition. Maximum care is taken in making sure that they come in uniform quality in repeating the order. To ensure all our quality standards are as per the international specifications, we have a highly committed team of quality examiners that delivers you best products at competitive prices.

Vision: Anyone who walks under SANZ umbrella becomes the business partner.

Mission: Consistent Growth, Unmatched Quality and Commitment to Excellence.

Belief: Research and production technologies are the main focus, which will drive us to create a "Value Difference" for our partners.

Strength: Our UNIQUE designs.

Approaches: SANZ Creations has approached its customer in three different manner like selling its brands to the customers, making jewelry under customer’s brand name & thirdly customized jewelry for mainly designers after signing no-copy treaty.

Training and Motivation: Probably the most important single thing we give our employees or ourselves are to teach them to meditate. This increases focus, decreases stress and improves the overall effectiveness of the workforce beyond imagination. The company strongly believes that "Manpower is the key asset" and team efforts are the best efforts. In a committed team each one works with one vision, dedication and hard work.



Our Services


We are doing our own designs and selling them at best of prices and also doing customized jobs in jewelry.......if needed we undergo into NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) too......We have our own team of designers which is in-house.


OEM Services


We have OEM facility where inquiry is received by e-mail or any other mode. Then We discuss the customer's sales form, desired target image, concept and so on. Then we check the rough budget, material, lot number, delivery date and so on. If there is already a design picture etc, immediately put it in the prototype work.
We start planning design faithfully to the contents of the customer's meeting. While confirming it several times in the middle stage, we make an optimal proposal.
Once the design is decided, we do prototype production by CAD or handmade. In the middle of the CAD check of the data picture, in the case of handmade, check it several times when the form is completed, complete the prototype with modification etc.
Depending on the number of days required until the final specification decision and the number of production, the required number of days from planning suggestion to delivery will take about one months at the shortest.


Packaging & Shipping


Each piece is packed in small poly bags and then in big poly bag having one design in one poly bag then in metal box before shipping or as per choice of customer. We prefer shipping parcel through DHL, FedEx and UPS.