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新しいデザイン自動10 mlシャンプーゴマ薬局ペースト包装機

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マーケティングタイプ: 通常の製品
原産地: 中国
アイテム番号: DXDL-100
保証のコアコンポーネント: 1 年
自動等級: 自動
キーセールスポイント: 操作しやすい
適用: 食糧,飲料,商品,MEDICAL,化学薬品,機械とハードウェア,タバコ,タバコ
タイプ: マルチファンクション包装機
コアコンポーネント: モーター,圧力容器,ポンプ,Plc,ギア,ベアリング,エンジン,ギアボックス,タッチスクリーン
ショールーム場所: なし
ドライブの種類: 機械式
ローカルサービス場所: トルコ,米国,タイ
ディメンション (l * w * h): 790*600*1780mm
ビデオ発信の検査: 提供
包装タイプ: バッグ,フィルム,箔,Pouch
認証: Ce認証,Ce認証
電圧: 220v 50hz,220v 50hz
次元(L*W*H): 790*600*1780mm
包装材料: プラスチック,ペーパー
適用産業: ホテル,製造工場,機械修理店,食品 & 飲料工場,農場,レストラン,家庭,小売,食品ショップ,エネルギー & 鉱業,食品 & 飲料ショップ
パッキングフィルム: プラスチック、紙、pet/alu/pe、pet/pe、紙/pe、ナイロン/pe
機械重量: 350kgs
電源: 220v/50v 1.75kw
機械テストレポート: 提供
を保証期間後にサービス: ビデオ技術サポート,オンラインサポート,スペアパーツ
提供される売り上げ後のサービス: 無料のスペアパーツ,ビデオ技術サポート,オンラインサポート
梱包フィルム外径: 最大300mm
機能: 詰物,シーリング,浮彫りになること
保証: 1 年
マシンサイズ: 790*600*1780mm
充填範囲: 1-80ml
条件: 新しい
梱包速度: 25-50袋/分
スティックサイズ: L:50-170 w: 25-125mm
銘柄: Sem
包装の詳細: 木製ケース
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 180X125X100 cm
シングル総重量: 350.0 KG
Liaoning Soaring Eagle Machinery Co., Ltd.
US$ 70,000+
Product Description
Automatic Honey Stick Sachet Packing Machine
It is fit for liquid , semi-liquid , sticky product packing , like honey, cosmetics, sauce, oral drinking products, liquid pharma etc.
It could also be used to pack powder or granule. For different product packing, it will use differrent pump.
China Brand 
English & Chinese
Date or 
Batch NO.
Ribbon Printer 
Sealing Type
Back side seiling ; 3 sides sealing ; 4 sides sealing ; (Depending on customers requirements)
With heating and mixing function (For Choosing)

Sample for reference
*The sachet stick packing for liquid, powder, granule, sticky products etc. Different product packing will use different pump machine.
*Zigzag sealing rim for top and bottom side for easy open.
*Nice looking.
*3 sides sealing, back side sealing, 4 sides sealing are all possible, depending on customers requirements.
Sample for reference
*Honey sachet, packing is neat.
*Filling volume depend on customer requirements.
*Zigzag shape easy tear notch
*Date Printing
**3 sides sealing, back side sealing, 4 sides sealing are all possible, depending on customers requirements.

SEM Automatic Packing Machine
Other Samples
Multiple Choice of Sachet Shapes
After Sales Service
 After Sales Service

  *Go to customer side for installation and training workers.
  *Teaching Videos.
  *Face to face live video teaching.
  *24H assistance to ensure easy operation on machine when needed.
  *One worker is enough to operate. 

Packing & Shipping
Machine running in customers factories
About our Company
Liaoning Soaring Eagle Machinery Co.,Ltd. Soaring Eagle Machinery Factory was established in 1999. Our factory is one of chief manufacturers and trading of packaging machines for pharmaceutical ,food, cosmetic, daily products. Integrating
research,development,production,sales and service,has rich technical strength,advanced production equipment,stable quality and excellent service after sales,the factory passed the certification of ISO9001 and products CE certification.. We produce Six series packing machine :SINGLE LANE SACHET PACKING MACHINE in four edges sealing , three sides sealing,back side sealing for liquid , powder, granule , cream in pharmaceutical, food ,cosmetic products;BLISTER PACKING MACHINE for plastic-aluminum,aluminum-alumium,plastic-paper for tablet , capsule,liquid, cream, daily products ;BFS LIQUID PACKING MACHINE for pharmaceutical,food,cosmetic products;CAPSULE FILLING MACHINE,IRREGULAR SACHET PACKING MACHINE, single lane,two lanes for liquid, cream products packing;STRIPPING PACKING MACHINE for tablet , capsule products.Our products hold a lead in the fields in China,and are also exported to worldwide , for example United States,Russia,Southeast Asia,Europe turkey,.Saudi Arabia, Algeria and so on . With the purpose of "Make better and better,Scientific management,Seek the truth and pursue innovation,establish famous brand",we emphasize after service and feedback information,seize current fluctuated market.We also have got high prestigious position in domestic and international market with our excellent service. Our development needs your supports,and your satisfaction is our aim.We are willing to create resplendent future with you.
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