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Op16 sanwa bello opal lab成長合成ホワイトオパールラフ、オパールネックレスとペンダント用

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港: Hong Kong
支払い条件: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal, Cash Payment
供給力: 300 キログラム / Month
原石重量: 30-300g
宝石用原石の形: rough, irregular
Usage: Carving / DIY
Shape: Irregular Shape
原産地: 日本
Material: Lab Grown Synthetic Opal
光学特殊効果: カラープレーか炎
Hardness: Mohs 4
宝石用原石材料: オパール
原石の色: more than 78 colors
Product name: Bello Opal
原石サイズ: 10-70mm
モデル番号: OP16-RG
宝石用原石のタイプ: 合成物質(作成される実験室)
Application: Jewelry Making
製品の高さ: various
銘柄: Bello Opal
穴径: various
包装の詳細: 1 kg未満の数量でパッケージに明確に盛り合わせ 1kgの場合、ラフは箱に詰められます
Gold Supplier
メーカー, 貿易会社, ディストリビュータ/卸売り
US$ 10,000+

Bello Opal (Lab-Grown Synthetic Opal)

Simulating the growth of natural opal in a laboratory environment, it shorten the years of time required for the formation process. The unique vertical growth pattern is what makes lab-grown synthetic opal stand out. 

(GIA: Polymer Impregnated Synthetic Opal)

Our synthetic opal materials are made in Japan by KYOCERA (Forbes Top Regarded Company). They are assured with official Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Composition:          80% Silica & 20% Resin
Hardness (MOHS):  

Specific Gravity:     1.8-1.9
Heat Resistance: 130 degree C



SANWA is the Largest authorized distributor of KYOCERA opal. We manufacture various products in more than 78 colors with different pattern options. Most of the 78 colors are our world exclusives. 
Bello Opal is our brand which represents our cutting quality. It is also a guarantee of KYOCERA synthetic opal, which is the BEST in the world.


  Why buy from Sanwa?
1) Guarantee to supply the KYOCERA synthetic opal 
  2) Guarantee opal quality with at least 80% silica
  3) Direct factory price, without middleman
  4) Most diverse product design
  5) Enjoy stable supply of over 78 colors
  6) Risk-free for color change problem
  7) Highest quality in-house cut processing
  8) Custom shapes are available
  9) Compatible with jewelry plating

  [ALERT] Be careful of dishonest companies using our color chart but selling material NOT MADE BY KYOCERA

Product Description
KYOCERA Opal is the best synthetic opal in the world. It has been the mainstream man-made opal since the very beginning.

Irregular shapes = QUALITYBello Opal Cut stones

KYOCERA lab grown synthetic opal roughs are in irregular shape. It is a result of lab grown process, as well as the result after quality check. Deliberately maintain a big round shape would have hidden cracks which would be found after customers cut the rough.

It is easy to handle the cutting of KYOCERA opal rough. SANWA offers various cut stones at high quality and wide color choices. Ordering cut stones from us is another good option for your business. 


Each Piece of KYOCERA Opal rough has two types of pattern, A and B Cut.

A Cut (Dot Pattern) B Cut (Stripe Pattern)

A Cut pattern is the surface of the rough. The size can be bigger than 70mm. It is the most popular pattern in the market. 


B Cut pattern is the side of the rough. It shows the growth pattern (from bottom to the top). It is an authentication of "Lab Grown" synthetic opal, NOT the resin be mxied with silica slices.

OP01 to OP78 are the color code created by SANWA. Most of the colors are "SANWA World Exclusive".
To explore the beauty of KYOCERA Opal rough:

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Color Chart


Bello Opal (Synthetic Opal) is available in 78 colors. OP01 to OP78 are the color code created by SANWA.
Most of the colors are SANWA world exclusive.

Shape Chart
You may order KYOCERA opal in different shapes. Customized designs are always welcome.
Feel free to send us inquiry for the shape chart and color chart.
Product Name:

Synthetic Opal ( Lab-grown impregnated synthetic opal )


KYOCERA (Japan) 


Bello Opal ( Original Collection )

Color Range:

OP01 to OP78

Order MOQ:

30 gram is the weight of a smallest rough. 1 KG per Box is available.

Sample order MOQ :We could produce smaller QTY for sample order, please send an inquiry to Sale Team for more information.
Lead time:

2- 3 weeks +/-  


Popular items are always in stock, please send an inquiry for more information.

Price for different colors:All colors at the same price.
Chemical resistance:Thinner, Methanol, Acetone etc
Jewelry Plating: Compatible with jewelry plating
Safety Support:Recongized with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Product Range:Cabochon, double flat, fancy shapes with hole, round beads, fancy beads, rondelles, diamond cut, teardrop, opal crush....etc
Options of pattern:

You may order A cut, B cut or C cut for opal products.

B cut & C cut pattern are with higher price.



Bello Opal®, opal material from KYOCERA Corporation - Forbes Top Regarded Company, has always been the mainstream gemstone in worldwide man-made opal market.

Recently, there are comparatively low-quality opal-like plastic (OLP) and unauthorized man-made opal material appear in the market. Due to their misleading information, some customers have experienced loss for quality issues. 

While these non-credible materials are supplied without MSDS certificate, it indicates that it is not assured with proof of origin and safety report. Buyers should pay significant attention to potential quality and supply problems. If this unknown man-made opal material is possibly harmful for human, liabilities issue will also be a big concern.

Moreover, some dishonest companies confuse customers by using the same set of color code of our Bello Opal® (OP01-78), at the same time referring to our color samples. 

Some even explicitly claim this unknown man-made opal material as manufactured by KYOCERA Japan. Regardless of their discrepancy in quality, these forge claims definitely deserve legal actions which we reserve all our rights to do so.

For Further information, please visit https://sanwapearl.com.hk/en/bello-opal-authentic-statement

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.




Packaging & Shipping



Our Sales Team will reply your inquiry within 2 working days.

You may also contact us directly by email or by phone:


Popular shapes and sizes are always available in stock.

1-2 days for delivery.

Lead time depends on final order, vary from 1-4 weeks.

Customer could have special request on delivery option when necessary.


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