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原料: 草,残酷フリー
原産地: USA
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モデル番号: 200-04
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Product Description

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Place of OriginUSA
Shipping OriginUSA


Our Instant Peptide Face Moisturizer provides balance for skin of any age. Our unique formula is deeply moisturizing, yet is light enough for oily skin. Instant Peptide is handcrafted in small batches. Our naturally sourced ingredients help replenish the skin – reducing the appearance of aging and fine lines by giving it the hydration and moisture it needs.

Company Information

Story of our Artisan Skin Care Products

For years I suffered from flaky skin. Then I started experimenting with natural ingredients in different combinations. It took years and extensive amounts of research.  Now I hand-craft our collection in small batches with the best, natural ingredients I can find in the world to ensure the highest quality. I am dedicated to providing only the best for my customers and I take extra care when packaging every order.

When I developed InstantPeel everything changed. My skin stopped flaking and I started to feel a different side of myself emerge. My skin appeared fresh, glowing and my confidence mirrored my complexion. It Changed my life. Now InstantPeel is our number one selling item.

-Mike Tabiri
Earthen SkinCare Founder & President