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Usage: Water filter
原産地: Guangdong 中国
Capacity: ≥1000L
Size: 9.5*5.5*20cm
Color: green
モデル番号: YJ-UFA7
weight: 250g
Fineness: 0.01um
Model Number: YJ-UFA7
Application: hiking outdoor water filter purifier
Feature: add pressure filteration function
銘柄: YJ
包装の詳細: 100 個カートン カートンのサイズ: 58*30*24 センチメートル 重量: 8.8 キロ
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 10X6X22 cm
シングル総重量: 0.25 KG
Nanjing Yijia Health Technology Co., Ltd.
US$ 90,000+
Advanced 2-stage filter: 0.01 micron ultrafiltration membrane camping water filter can help you effectively filter water, if the diameter exceeds 0.01 micron, it cannot pass through, carbon filter helps to remove odor and improve taste Camping water purifier: outdoor water filter, suitable for most outdoor water sources, can effectively flow lakes, rivers, springs, into drinking water, very suitable for outdoor hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and emergency preparedness. Replaceable water filter: * Grade hollow fiber UF membrane and high-quality carbon filter can be replaced, emergency water filter pump can be used for up to 1000 liters (264.17 gal), and need to be replaced (can be purchased separately) Personal portable filter pump: The outdoor water purifier weighs 8.81 ounces. (250 grams), its size is 3.74*2.16*50.8 inches (9.5*5.5*20cm), can be easily put into your backpack, continuous water supply, hiking water filter pump provides ultra fast flow rate of 200 ml/min (6.76 Oz) .
Product Description
Product name
Outdoor pressurized water purifier
26product weight
260g (including packaging bag)
Total water purification
Product Size
9.5 *5.5*20cm
Work Temperature
Filter element stage
product material
ABS food grade plastic + hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane + carbon fiber
Filtration accuracy
0.01 um
Applicable water source
Fresh water without chemical pollution
The water purification straw adds a pressurization function, and can accelerate the filtration through the pressurization function
when it is difficult to absorb water. The filter element can be disassembled and washed to avoid clogging and breeding of
bacteria, and can be connected to a water bag and a water bottle to filter, and the filtering method is diverse.
The preferred water purifier for natural disasters such as outdoor work, travel, camping, march combat, etc.
Details Images
Instructions for use
1.Connect water in le those to water inlet fixture.Ensure that pre-filters trainer is attached to other end of water in le those.
2.Connect water outlet hose to water outlet fixture.Ensure that other end of water outlet hose drains into a cup/bottle or other clean receptacle.
3.Fully submerge pre-filters trainer in the water to be filtered.Use the floats tokeep the pre-filters trainer away from mud or sediment.
4.When the container is filled with purified water or your need issatisfied, rotatethefilterelement nut counterclockwise and remove the residual water from the shell.
Product Structure.
Multi-Functional Outdoor Filter has been ergonomically designed for ease of usage and portability. This filter has additional features packaged very elegantly to make it the perfect multi-purpose outdoor filter.

Filter replacement.
The replacement filter element is available at the distributor where you buy the water purifier. 1.When replacing the filter element,rotate the filter element nut on the shell counterclockwise,and take out the filter element. 2.Remove the packaging of the new filter element,check if there is a rubber pad in the screw nut,re-install the filter element,and fasten the screw nut clockwise. Attention: 1.When the new water purifier or new filter element is used for the first time,the effluent water is foggy,which is a normal phenomenon; Remove the 0.5liters of water at the beginning and then you can drink the purified water normally. 2.Before each use,do not drink the water pumping at the beginning of several times (5-10 times). 3.Do not clean the filter element with any chemical reagent.Do not touch or pull the membrane wire of filter element. 4.As there is air inside the water purifier after use,the handle can not be reset.Loosen the filter element nut to exhaust,reset the handle,and then fasten the screw nut.

Packing list(Available in English
Water Purifier:1set
Cloth bag:1 piece Water outflow hose:1 piece Instruction manual:1 piece Water In le those:1 piece
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Company Profile
Established in 2015, Nanjing YIJIA Health Technology Co., Ltd. is an export division of Shenzhen IMRITA Water Purification that located in Shenzhen. Its main products are household and office health products such as water purifiers and air purifiers.
The company's products are targeted at mid- to high-end customer groups. The headquarters has a professional product research and development team, strict quality control system,advanced technology, and novel and unique products.
The appearance of the product is high-end atmosphere, safe and free from secondary pollution, the purification effect is significant, and the later use cost is low. The product has passed the safety certification of relevant authoritative organizations such as EU SGS. Adhering to the
service concept of "safety and peace of mind", the company provides customers with high-quality products and comprehensive professional after-sales services such as installation,flushing, and core replacement to solve your worries!
Q1:Are you a manufacturer?
A.Yes. We are manufacturer of all the water filters for 12 years, and speclised in this filed.

Q2.Can we use our logo/brand?
A.Of course. Private Label is absolutely welcome. We also have Designing Dept. to help you get your own logo design and packing

Q3.What’s the order delivery time?
A: Order delivering time has relations with the order quantity, order models and packagings. Generally, it takes about 10-15 days to get the order ready.

Q4. Why we choose you?
A: We are a Direct Factory, a sufficient experience water pruifier products' Supplier. Besides, quality is always our first