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原産地: Shaanxi 中国
電力 (w): 11
電圧 (V): 12
容量(CFM): 52
取付け: ポータブル
適用: 車,ホテル,商業,Household
タイプ: 活動化させたカーボンエアフィルター
アプリケーション: ホテル、商業、家庭用
関数: Levoit空気清浄機フィルター
該当エリア: オフィス、ベッドルーム、ホテル、書斎、リビングルーム
容量 (cfm): 52
認証: CB,セリウム,RoHS,Ul,UR
風速: 3.6メートル/秒
製品名: 空気清浄機洗浄機
電力 (W): 11
電圧 (v): 12
機能2: オゾン消毒
機能3: 蚊の捕獲と殺害
データ型: 活性炭、hepa空気清浄機車
動力源: USB,電気,車の電源,電気
機能1: Uv光滅菌
提供される売り上げ後のサービス: 無料のスペアパーツ,リターンおよび交換,海外コールセンター
保証: 5 年
モデル番号: 0018空気清浄機
利点: 空気浄化滅菌器蚊殺害
銘柄: Xl空気清浄機
包装の詳細: カートンで梱包
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 13.3X13.3X26.5 cm
シングル総重量: 1.4 KG
Xi'an Xunling Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
US$ 40,000+

Remove Allergies Dust Smoke Eliminator ozone uvc air purifier cleaning machine

Product Description

 Main Features of air purifier cleaning machine :

1: Ultraviolet radiation sterilization
The cellular structure of the bacteria and its reproductive capacity will be destroyed, and they are killed through the irradiation of the inhaled air from the ultraviolet lamp consequently.

2: Ozone disinfection to remove formaldehyde
Ozone will be produced when the lamp is irradiating and distributed in the air. It can make oxidation reaction with formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, and generate harmless materials such as water and carbon dioxide, so as to remove formaldehyde safely.

3: Photo-catalytic purification
Under the action of ultraviolet, the catalytic degradation function of the photo-catalytic can effectively degrade harmful organisms and peculiar smells, and kill bacteria and harmful compounds released by the bacteria carcass.
The inhaled air can absorb, break down and transform various air pollutants through the activated carbon filter (including PM2.5, dust, pollen, peculiar smell, and other decorate pollutants and filter sources) to improve air cleanliness.

10 air purifier.jpg11 air purifier.jpg12 air purifier.jpg13 air purifier.jpg14 air purifier.jpg15 air purifier.jpg16 air purifier.jpg

06 air purifier.jpg

4: Applicable environment
Sitting room, bedroom, restaurant, hotel, restaurant, office, conference room, supermarket and other indoor environments.


Specifications of air purifier cleaning machine ;

Input 100 - 240V
Output DC 12V 1A
Rated power 11W
Sterilization wavelength 254nm
Mosquito trapping wavelength 365nm
Wind speed 3.6m/s
Gear three gear


09 air purifier.jpg

17 air purifier.jpg
Packaging & Shipping

air purifier cleaning machine



Package weight: 1.172 kg 
Product Size(L x W x H): 13.00 x 13.00 x 26.50 cm / 5.12 x 5.12 x 9.65 inches 
Package Size(L x W x H): 17.60 x 17.60 x 33.00 cm / 6.89 x 6.89 x 12.99 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Multifunctional Air Purifier, 1 x Adapter