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サプライヤー高効率ガラス繊維ミニプリーツ hepa フィルター H13

1-999 セット
>=1000 セット
1 セット

Guangdong Clean Purifying Equipment Co., Ltd.

CN メーカー, 貿易会社
US$ 9,000+
有料会員期間:1年 ゴールドサプライヤー オンサイトチェック トレードアシュアランス


Origin: China
Usage: Air Purification System
適用産業: 建材ショップ,製造工場,機械修理店,食品 &amp; 飲料工場,農場,食品ショップ,印刷ショップ,建設動作,エネルギー &amp; 鉱業,食品 &amp; 飲料ショップ
原産地: Guangdong 中国
Color: White
Dimension: Customized
Feature: Long-worklife
を保証期間後にサービス: ビデオ技術サポート,オンラインサポート
Brand: KL
Function: Dust Removing
提供される売り上げ後のサービス: オンラインサポート
ショールーム場所: なし
Efficiency: 99.99 %@0.3um
Product name: HEPA filter
保証: 3 years
ローカルサービス場所: 米国
条件: 新しい
Application: Clean Room Ceiling Hepa
銘柄: KL
包装の詳細: Inner packing by bubble bag, outer packing by wooden box.
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 32X32X15 cm
シングル総重量: 5.0 KG
Product Description
Product name
Supplier High Efficiency Glass Fiber Mini Pleat HEPA Filter H13
Aluminum, Ultrafine glass fiber filter element
1 set
HEPA Efficiency
99.99% Handling Hepa Air Filters
Maximum operating temperature
Maximum humidity
Easy installation portable air filter HEPA

1. high efficiency.
2. low resistance.
3. high filtration precision.
4. high dust holding capacity.
5. processed into various sizes and shapes according to customer needs, and suitable for different models.

1. used for electronic, medicament,food.
2. clean room( suitable for use in multi-layers filter filtration system ).
3. used for ventilation system.

There are four sources of pollution in the clean room:
①dust and bacteria in the air as well as dust particles and microorganism brought from fresh air in the purification air conditioning system;
②dust generated by operator;
③dust generated from building envelope and facilities;
④ dust generated during production of equipment and products.
In order to ensure the air cleanliness required by production environment or clean rooms for other uses, indoor decoration materials and instruments with few dusts generated and difficult for breading microorganism have been used, and air filtration method is adopted for technology, while air filters in different performances are set up in each part of the air supply system; when fresh air is sent in the clean room by the blowing-in system, suspended particles and microorganism will be removed by the air filters.

1.Product quality control and delivery time is strictly controlled;
2. Direct manufacturing factory offering competitive price;
3. All the inquiries will be replied within 12 hours;
4. OEM & ODM service are available;
5. Providing first-class after-sales services to the customers.

Quality control
1. Checking raw material before producing.
2. Checking one by one before the assembling
3. Checking one by one during the production
4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.
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Company Profile
Guangdong Clean Purifying Equipment Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Clean Purifying Equipment Co.,Ltd was established in 2008, located in Panyu, Guangzhou city, an engineering group of dust free plant in all industries, We are specializing in the purification area and sales for air purification equipment. We have amount of experiences in food, biochemistry, medicine, cosmetics, health products, micrielectronics, scientific research and teaching field. The belief to be a leader in the purification industry always drives us forward.
We are still committed to developing in GMP clean workshop, QS clean workshop, industrial clean workshop, aseptic room, biosafety laboratory and other standard clean workshops and supporting clean equipment. We have established and improved the products quality management system according to the international standard, and the
products have awarded more than ten national patents.
We have settled up a high-quality product research and development team, adhering to the sincere and trustworthy, serious and rigorous work style, constantly improve ourselves, make the business philosophy remain in "advanced technology, quality products, reasonable prices, the best service to satisfy the purification of the market.
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