Top sale drier machine for apples with CE

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港: Qingdao,Tianjin,Shanghai,Guangzhou
支払い条件: L/C,D/P,T/T,MoneyGram
供給力: 111.0 セット / Week
次元(L*W*H): 6*2.2*2.5 メートル
適用産業: 建材ショップ,機械修理店,製造工場,食品 & 飲料工場,農場,家庭,食品ショップ,建設動作,食品 & 飲料ショップ,広告会社
原産地: 中国
電力 (w): 18.5kw
を保証期間後にサービス: ビデオ技術サポート,オンラインサポート,スペアパーツ,フィールドメンテナンスと修理サービス
重量: 206t,206t
ショールーム場所: エジプト,カナダ,トルコ,米国,イタリア,フランス,ブラジル,インドネシア,スペイン,タイ,モロッコ,チリ,コロンビア,アルジェリア,スリランカ,ルーマニア,南アフリカ,カザフスタン,ウクライナ,キルギス,ナイジェリア,ウズベキスタン,タジキスタン,日本
寸法 (l * ワット * h): 6*2.2*2.5 メートル
力(W): 18.5kw
年: 2020,2020
保証: 4 年
ローカルサービス場所: エジプト,カナダ,トルコ,米国,イタリア,フランス,ドイツ,フィリピン,ブラジル,ペルー,インドネシア,インド,ロシア,スペイン,タイ,日本,オーストラリア,モロッコ,ケニア,韓国,チリ,アルジェリア,スリランカ,南アフリカ,カザフスタン,ウクライナ,ナイジェリア,タジキスタン
アフターサービス提供: 海外のサービス機械に利用できる技術者
条件: 新しい
認証: Ce iso,Ce iso
電圧: 220 v/380 v,220 v/380 v
銘柄: Taicheng
包装の詳細: Wooden box

Top sale drier machine for apples with CE

Product Description


This Drier machine for apples is widely used for the heating and dehumidification of raw materials and products in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light and heavy industries. Especially for the fruit and vegetable food processing. Suit for factory, restaurant, school ,farm and so on.




1. Our this series stainless steel multi-function drying machine can dry all kinds of materials, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, spice, sea cucumber, herbs,

onions, gingers, tea leaves etc.

2. Used for drying Chinese herbal pieces, dissolved medicines, powder, crude drug, Drug packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, dehydrated vegetables ,food, plastic resin, paper,

leather, wool, electrical apparatus element, salts, catalyst etc.

3.Suit for factory, restaurant, school, farm and so on.

4.suitable for all kinds of food material, seafood drying such as  seaweed, dried fish, shrimp, squid, fish fillet, sea cucumber, abalone, also  apply to the bamboo shoot, mushroom, spices, garlic, tea leaf, flowers, sophora flower bud, dried fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potato, corn, peas, beans, coconut,  nuts, dried black fungus and other agricultural and sideline products, as well as the honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rhubarb, red sage root, ginseng and other Chinese herbal medicine drying.






Drier machine for apples Technical Parameter:


Number of Trolley


Drying time

Capacity per batch




5-8 hours

300-400 kg




5-8 hours

400-600 kg




5-8 hours

600-1000 kg




5-8 hours

2500-4000 kg




5-8 hours

5000-8000 kg



Products Features

 1. New designed energy saving dryer with two times waste heat recovery. Low working noise ,stable working condition, automatic temperature control system, easy to install and maintain.

2.automatic temperature control system, easy to install and maintain.

3. The drying oven can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel according to the required.

4. The final water content can be <1%.

5. Most of hot air circles in the sealed oven, high heating efficiency and energy-saving.

6. Having forced ventilation function and equipped with adjustable wind separator plates, high drying evenness.

7.Dryer machine adopts special design, making the heating efficiency 3-7% increase compared to the current 35-45%, the highest thermal efficiency can reach 50%.

8.During drying, the material does not craze, does not distortions, non-discoloring, never degenerate, non-oxidize, drying completely, with good rehydration, keep nutrient content;

9. Automatic control system and computer control system for your choice.

10. Having forced ventilation function and equipped with adjustable plates, drying evenly.

11.Temperature allowed with50°C-250°C according to your requirements. Stable operation without being influenced by weather

12. You can freely choose steam, gas as the heating source.






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