Dc ac 電力変換器 1500 ワット 12v ups の充電器純粋な正弦波パワーインバータ

$140.00 - $530.00
10 ピース
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Shenzhen Must Power Limited

CN 貿易会社
US$ 70,000+
有料会員期間:10年 Supplier トレードアシュアランス


港: Shenzhen
支払い条件: L/C,T/T
供給力: 8000 pcs / Month テスト用のサンプルは歓迎される
出力頻度: 50Hz/60Hz
出力電圧: 110 V/220 V/230 V/240 V
ディスプレイ: LED + Lcd ディスプレイ
原産地: Guangdong 中国
インバータタイプ: オフグリッドインバータ
出力波形: 純粋な正弦波出力
入力電圧: 12 V/24 V/48 V
出力電流: 30A-75A
出力タイプ: シングル
タイプ: DC/ACインバーター
保護: 過負荷、短絡保護
重量: 18-48 キロ
バッテリー優先: はい
保証: 12 ヶ月
サイズ: 597*260*186 ミリメートル
相: 単相
モデル番号: EP3300 LV
周波数: 50Hz/60 HZ 低周波
サージ電力: 3 * 定格開始電源
銘柄: OEM
定格電力: 1000 ワット-6000 ワット
包装の詳細: カートンまたは木箱、または顧客のニーズに応じ。 梱包サイズ: 747*376*296 ミリメートル (4kw-6kw) 592*376*306 ミリメートル (1kw-3kw) 1 pc/カートン
Product Details

Split Phase 1KW 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 6KW Low Frequency Home Inverter

Main advantages for Split Inverter:

1. Rated power 1kw to 6kw
2. Pure sine wave output
3. three times surge power
4. MFD (multi-function display)
5. Overload and short-circuit protection
6. Set charging voltage/charging current
7. Battery low voltage shutdown point can be set to 10/10.5/11V
8. Power-save mode
9. Set utility priority/ Battery priority
10. Set utility input wide/narrow range
11. Inverter voltage can be set to 110/115/120/220/230/240V
12. Inverter frequency can be set to 50/60Hz
13. Set utility charging on/off switch

Product Introduction

Split Phase Inverter introduction

EP3300 LV series is applicable to different markets demands, it matches different voltage AC 120V/240V, also can set output voltage,frequency, charging voltage, charging current, it’s available to work in all single-phase power environment.

Product Parameters
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About us

1. MUST Energy Group Limited established in 1998, with 20years developed, MUST becomes stronger and better

2. MUST products sell to 97countries over the world, and all products has got CE, IEC, etc certificate

3. the revenue growth from 2.86 mollion US dollars to 138 million US dollars

4. 200 regular employees in MUST, including 37 engineers divided into 4 groups, 32 internations sales divided into 3 teams, 15 domestic sales divided into 3 teams, and over 150 officers and production workers

Equipment & technology

1. There is 6 bulk order production line, at the end of each line there is one ATE tetsing machine to make sure the function of every item. 

2. MUST has software and hardware patents, and get the National High-tech Enterprises certificates from Chinese goveronmant

3. there is aging room for products function testing, each item need to be testing at least 8hours

4. IQC, QA, QE, etc department to double check raw materials quality and finished item's quality 


1. there is After-sales Service Center with 3 professional engineers to offer guidances

2. clients engineers training lessons in MUST factory

3. 24-hours sales consultancy and hotline

4. 2%~3% spare parts free for bulk order. 

5. 1 one year free warranty time, and 3years adter-sales service

Product Processing
Product Packing
Main Products

pure sine wave low frequency home inverter

rated power: 1kw~12kw

MOQ: 10pcs

sample for testing is available

pure sine wave high frequency solar inverter

rated power: 1kw~15kw

MOQ: 10pcs

sample for testing is available

low frequency pure sine wave solar inverter

rated power: 1kw~6kw
MOQ: 10pcs
sample for testing is available

low frequency pure sine wave solar inverter

rated power: 4kw~12kw
MOQ: 10pcs
sample for testing is available

low frequency on-off grid hybrid solar inverter

rated power: 2kw~12kw

single phase and three phase output

MOQ: 10pcs

high frequency on grid solar inverter

rated power: 3kw~6kw

MOQ: 10pcs

sample for testing is available