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フィルターカートリッジ水/ro 浄水器ディスペンサー/ミニ ro 水システム

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適用産業: 製造工場,食品 & 飲料工場,レストラン
原産地: Jiangsu 中国
製品名: Ro水処理機/小型ro水処理システム
材料: 木箱
電源: 12,12
名前: プロセスの工業用水処理プラント
を保証期間後にサービス: ビデオ技術サポート,オンラインサポート,スペアパーツ,フィールドメンテナンスと修理サービス
重量: 3500kg,3500kg
提供される売り上げ後のサービス: ビデオ技術サポート,フィールドインストール、試運転とトレーニング,フィールドメンテナンスと修理サービス,無料のスペアパーツ,オンラインサポート
ショールーム場所: エジプト,トルコ,ベトナム,フィリピン,ブラジル,ペルー,サウジアラビア,インドネシア,パキスタン,インド,メキシコ,ロシア,スペイン,タイ,モロッコ,ケニア,アルゼンチン,韓国,チリ,アラブ首長国連邦,コロンビア,アルジェリア,スリランカ,ルーマニア,バングラデシュ,南アフリカ,カザフスタン,ウクライナ,キルギス,ナイジェリア,ウズベキスタン,タジキスタン,日本,マレーシア,オーストラリア
水: ミニro給水システム
使用法: 純水ミネラルウォータードリンク水
水処理システム: 水処理システム/水処理プラント
保証: 2 年,2年
ローカルサービス場所: エジプト,トルコ,ベトナム,フィリピン,ブラジル,ペルー,サウジアラビア,インドネシア,パキスタン,インド,メキシコ,ロシア,スペイン,タイ,マレーシア,モロッコ,ケニア,アルゼンチン,韓国,アラブ首長国連邦,コロンビア,アルジェリア,スリランカ,ルーマニア,バングラデシュ,南アフリカ,カザフスタン,ウクライナ,キルギス,ナイジェリア,ウズベキスタン,タジキスタン
フィルター材料: Ro水処理プラント
サイズ: 3000*1000*2500mm,3000*1000*2500mm
条件: 新しい
容量: Ro水機械ro水処理プラント価格の250l〜10000l
認証: 小型ro水処理システム用ce iso
素材: 木箱,ステンレス鋼304
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 10X10X10 cm
シングル総重量: 68.0 KG
Zhangjiagang City AK Machinery Co., Ltd.
Gold Supplier
Products Description
water filter machine / water treatment plant specification / reverse osmosis drinking water system
Production Capacity
250L-10000L per hour
TDS range
500-700(one stage)
Water resouce1
river water,well water,
Water resouce2
underground water,rain water,tap water
Process system
RO Reverse osmosis
Machine Material
Stainless Steel 304
drinking water table water juice soft drink
Raw water→raw water tank → raw water booster pump→mechanical filter→activated carbon filter →precise filter →high-pressure pump
→Reverse Osmosis Components→pure water tank→pure water
Details Images
Raw water pump
We use high quality CNP pump as raw water pump.Requested access to the system's raw water has a stable flow and pressure, its
purpose is to prevent water fluctuations have an impact on the system operation to ensure the stability of the system into the
pretreatment process
1.Silica sand filter:It can remove the suspended solids and gluten particles in the water, thus reduce turbidity of water.
2.Active carbon filter:It can remove the pigment, smell and a large number of biological organisms in the water. 3.Sodium ion
exchanger :It can remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, so as to soften the water. 4.Precision filter:It can ensure that
granularity of the water into reverse osmosis membrane is less than 0.1 um.
quartz sand filter
Raw water into the filter for a simple mechanical filter, mainly to remove suspended solids in water, colloidal particles and
other large impurities in the water when the water pressure and the pressure difference over 10Psi (0.7kg/cm2) or water SDI> 5,
the need for backwashing . In general, before running back wash once a day.
activated carbon filter
Activated carbon is used wood, coal, shell (nuclear) and other carbonaceous material through chemical or physical method
activation made. It has a very large number of pores and specific surface area, which has a strong physical adsorption capacity,
the effective adsorption of organic pollutants in water. Primarily to remove organic matter in raw water, chlorine, odor, color,
etc., so that the original residual chlorine in water ≤ 0.1mg / l, effective protection of RO membrane from chlorine damage to
parts of activated carbon
water softer
The sodium ion exchange softening is used to remove water calcium and magnesium ions , preparation of demineralized water of ion
exchange . The composition of the water hardness , calcium, magnesium , and softening in the ion exchange resin to exchange the
water calcium and magnesium ions by sodium ion exchange , so that the water is not easy to form carbonate scale and sulfate scale
, resulting in softened water
Precision Filter
The precision filter, also known as cartridge filter housing,
is used to prevent impurities like particles from entering high pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane module.
The filtration precision ranges form 0.10μm to 60μm and it is free from influences feed pressure fluctuation.
RO main machine
This system uses mechanical filters, activated carbon filter as a pre-class treatment, the effective removal of suspended solids
in raw water, sediment particles, organic colloids, organic matter, odor, chlorine and other impurities, with pre-programmed as a
reverse osmosis desalination plant to remove the raw water Most of the dissolved salts, bacteria, hot stream and so on, to ensure
finished water quality standards.
ozone mixing tower and generator
Ozone generator is used to produce ozone and provide raw materials for mixing tower. The ozone mixing tank is a kind of water
treatment equipment. It is to fully mix water and ozone, thus achieving purposes of sterilization, retaining freshness and
avoiding secondary pollution for the producing of mineral pure water.
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