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原産地: Guangdong 中国
柔軟性: 調整可能で柔軟に取り付けられたソーラーパネル
ソーラーパネル: 20ワット
刃材料: ナイロン
ケース素材: 亜鉛メッキ鋼
タイプ: 軸流れファン
提供される売り上げ後のサービス: 無料のスペアパーツ
色: ブラック
保証: 5 年
製品総重量: 8.4kg
モデル番号: Sn2015011
梱包: 1セット/カートン/0.064 cbm
ファンモーター: ブラシレスdcモーター
ファンホスト: Dia.368x175mm
土台: 壁ファン
電圧: 18v,18v
銘柄: Sipl
認証: セリウム
エアダクト: 14インチ
包装の詳細: 標準的な輸出ブラウンボックス、1セット/カートン
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 50X45X30 cm
シングル総重量: 8.0 KG
Jiangmen Sunny Photoelectricity Technology Limited
メーカー, 貿易会社
US$ 1,400,000+
Product Description1

Solar wall ventilation fan

Our solar wall ventilation fan is axial type ventilation fan, for air exhausting & heat removing. The fan is mounted in the wall, it starts working instantly when sun shines. Totally solar powered, No manual operation, No maintenance!

It made by galvanization steel, with DC brushless motor.

Solar wall fan is a new innovative appliance product to the world!!!! It has very good & long-lasting prospect in the market currently & to the future.

The products's advantages :

1) Cost-Effective, Once Pay, Benefit Long!
2) Zero operating power consumption cost
3) Wiring Free, Installed Easy & No Maintenance!
4) Strengthen air circulation
5) Extend roofing lifespan
6) Remove heat, moisture & dust
7) Deduct harmful mildews & Prevent ice-dam
8) Reduce the heat load on air-conditioning ducting to help you save money!

Save energy and money:

The solar wall fan removes the excess heat from your house. This means there is less heat to penetrate the rooms below. 

Moreover, solar energy is clean & free energy, it will better than the traditional vent fan.

Detailed Images2

Solar wall ventilation fan 14 inch 20 Watts- Model #SN2015011 

Traditional vent fan is use electricity power to run, but our solar fan is different like that. Our solar fan can run as long as have sun shines. That's solar power energy, would you like it?

Moreover, solar panel can be adjust different angle;

Vertically 4°Positioning
To capture most direct sunlight for the device to work most efficiently, its solar panel can be adjusted vertically at 4 angles, that is 0°, 15° , 30°& 45°

Horizontally 180°Regulation

This roof exhaust fan carries a horizontal adjustment platform design for the solar panel to rotate left or right and face towards the sun, this rotation can be as big as to 180°


Power                             20W 18V solar DC power

Solar Panel                    Polycrystalline solar panel, 365x410x25mm adjustable

Blades                            14 inch (368mm) Aluminum axial fan blades, 3 pcs

Motor                              Brushless DC Motor, IP63 or IP68

Host Size                        368x175mm

Housing                          Galvanized steel with anti-rust, anti-UV powder coating

Color                                Black

Working Efficiency        Provide attic ventilation up to 4200 square feet and cooling up to 2400 square feet

Packing/loading            1set/ 1carton; 500x450x300mm, 0.064CBM; 480pcs/20'GP, 1105pcs/40'HQ


Our factory is willing to promise the longest warranty time.

Metal Casing: service life 20 Years, warranty 15 Years
Solar Panel: service life 25 Years, warranty 15 Years
Brushless DC Motor: service life >10 Years, warranty 5 Years      

More Service4

What if the solar fan unwork when rainy day or night (means if sunless time)?

We can provide back-up power, AC/DC power adatpter or solar battery system.

Optional AC/DC Adapter    

AC input: 100-240V, DC output: 18V 1A, to back up solar fan work nonstop even in sunless periods

Optional Battery                       

12.8V, 9.6AH, Lithium iron phosphate, to back up solar fan work nonstop even in sunless periods

May I customize a thermostat to make it automatically control?

Optional Thermostat 

to control solar fan work / stop at preset temperature, if 25 Celsius, on: 25ºC +/- 3ºC; off: 18ºC +/- 5ºC, if 28 Celsius, on: 28ºC +/- 3ºC; off: 21ºC +/- 5ºC.

More Accessory:
Optional Power cord with switch

to control solar fan work / stop flexibly at any time, include 2m cable

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