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ruby detector positive material identification gun price xrf lead paint analyzer High accuracy

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Warranty: 1 Year
Delivery time: 7-15days
原産地: Guangdong 中国
宝石類の用具及び機器タイプ: テスター及び測定
Measuring range: Mg to U
Test material: Metal gold silver alloy
Feature: Easy Operation
Function: Metal purity analysis
Accuracy: 0.1%
Type: Xrf Analyzer
Product name: XRF jewelry quality tester
モデル番号: EDS5000
Application: Pawn shop jewellery manufacture
銘柄: TZT
包装の詳細: High-end crate with foam around ruby detector
販売単位: Single item
単一のパッケージサイズ: 57X560X55 cm
シングル総重量: 36.0 KG
Nanchang Tanzhi Technology Co., Ltd.
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US$ 30,000+
Product Description


ruby detector

Testable elements:  Ag, Au, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pt ,Pd ,Ir,Cd 
Equipment principles: X fluorescence energy dispersion          Test area: 1-2mm spot +<40micron
Accuracy: ±0.1% Voltage: 100-220v
Detector: Proportional counter Power:  144w
Resolution: 145±5eV Operating systerm: Windown 7
Work enviroment: - 11 ~ 46 °C Advantages: excellent cooling system
 Battery support:: no Intelligence: automatic protection
printer: support weight: About 27kg

Built-in computer:

yes size: 45*44*43cm



In the field of precious metal detection, traditional analysis methods such as litmus test method, cupellation, fire assay method belongs to destructive testing, consuming and dangerous. And sample preparation process takes longer.While X-ray fluorescence spectrometry technology is relatively mature.It can achieve real-time analysis, nondestructive testing, does not require any consumables.The precision can reach two to four digits after the decimal point.We have former Niton,Olympus engineers ,analysts and other billiant minds who have worked for making it affordable and precsise. X ray fluorescence spectrometry is the advanced precious metals testing technology.


Our machine equipped with imported top SDD,SI PIN detector, the use of aircraft design, high-end atmosphere, with research and development of more than a dozen patents, outstanding performance,  in line with the new national standard GB18043-2013, can be accurate detection of gold and silver jewelry and most of other metal elements and azardous substances.

ruby detectorruby detector 

ruby detector


Our Services

1: The whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months; provide technical service support for life.


2: During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems under normal use, after verification by Party B, it will provide free maintenance services and will not charge any fees to Party A; if the quality problem is not the instrument itself, it is due to user's human factors. Party B needs Charge the cost of parts repair or replacement.


3: Response time: Within 24 hours.Any problem,our professional team can check for you remotely.

ruby detector


Quality Control System:

  • Every parts should be put in temperature and humidity test chamber for 72 hours before assembling.
  • Every machine need to do aging testing for another 72 before shipping 
  • Every machine is with its unique series number .Engineer will be responsed for the quality of the machine he made.

ruby detector

ruby detector 

Why choose us

Nondestructive testing
Precious metal is scarce and precious, let cupellation traditional destructive testing methods, such as more and more is not applicable, the market urgently needs a kind of fast, accurate and nondestructive detection method, and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry is nothing but the best precious metals NDT methods

Good faith to show
Adulteration phenomenon of gold and silver jewelry, let customers distrust for businesses, and businesses with the silver and gold detector can show the image of the good faith management to customers.

Avoid trading risk
Society on gold and silver jewelry adulteration phenomenon occurs frequently, both businesses and customers for this huge losses,while the west every technology of gold and silver detector can let the real content of gold and silver jewelry accurately present, in the fair and open market environment, nature can avoid trading risk.

More competitive
The trust of the customers can bring more revenue to the jewelry store, so as to enhance the market competitiveness.The current domestic and foreign many gold and silver jewelry stores are equipped with detector, which is one of the reasons they can maintain
a strong competitiveness in the industry.


Packaging & Shipping


High standard crate with foam around.   

Shipping time :about one week by air or express                                                                                      

ruby detector


ruby detector